Voting Software Project

My goal of the Voting Software Project to produce software of interest to people conducting votes on the internet, or to people who are interested in researching various electoral methods.

Currently, three pieces of software have been created.


VoteEngine is a Public Domain python script that can tabulate a file of ballots in a fairly simple format, and determine a winner based on one of a number of interesting voting methods. For example, it can determine the Condorcet winner, as used in votes by the Debian project and UK hierarchy.

Download VoteEngine 0.99 (tar.bz2)

Download (.zip) Same program. More popular archive format. VoteEngine requires Python.


Windows Installation Instructions


RPVote tabulates ballots according to my favourite voting method (Ranked Pairs). It is covered by the GNU General Public License (GPL). C++/wxWindows source code is available, and executable binaries are on the way.

Source: rpvote.tar.bz2



This is a python based cgi for tabulating Ranked Pairs elections.

Download (tar.bz2)

You can try it out on my site. Go easy on my account. No automated requests, please. If you don't know what an automated request is, you're not making one.

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SourceForge Project Page

To find out more about comparative voting methods, you can try:

Electoral Methods -- Here I try to give an introduction and reference for voting methods. The FAQ is easiest to read.


Ranked Pairs-- Here I advocate one voting method in particular.

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