Windows Installation of VoteEngine

To use VoteEngine, you first need to install Python and Python's Numeric module.  These are both free, and the installation is much like any other windows application.

First, go to and into the download section.

Downloaded the latest stable version, this is the most recent version not marked as alpha or beta or unstable.

I am currently using 2.1.1.

Downloaded the .exe file to your desktop, and run it.  This program installs python.  You can do without Tkl/Tc and the test suite.

Next, go to the Numeric Python (numpy) download area.

Again, you want the most recent stable version.  The file you download should be named something like this:

20.2.0 was the current version number, so that may be different.  But the file should certainly contain "win32" and ".exe".  As well, it should contain "py2.1".  The 2.1 is for the version of python.  There may be a different version number corresponding to a later version of python.

Download this file to your desktop, and run it.

Now, you only have to download VoteEngine itself.  Unzip it to a folder on your hard disk.

To actually run the program, double click the file.  

It reads a file in its folder called input.txt and outputs a file called output.txt.  The input.txt file should be an input file as described in the documentation.